Explanation of Committee, Work Team, Advisory Council and Special Interest Group

While the work of committees, work teams, advisory council and special interest groups are similar, the following explanation help explain these groups.

The general purpose of an ENA committee is to assist the board of directors govern more efficiently. Committees are typically ongoing in nature and used to investigate, deliberate and analyze ongoing pragmatic areas or priorities that are persistent in nature. Some committees are fixed by the bylaws of the association and other are created as needed.

Work Team
Work Teams are typically associated with completing a single set of tasks over a set period of time. Generally, work team members do not rotate off, but will remain until charges are completed which could take up to 2-3 years. Work teams sunset once the charges are completed.

Within ENA there are organizational units called Institutes that are formed around a concentrated focus for purposes of prominence, professional identity, and visibility. ENA institutes are established to advance the field of emergency nursing and emergency care through research and evidence-based educational/training programs and practice resources.

The Advisory Council functions as a think tank which that provides guidance and recommendations for one of the ENA Institutes. Advisory Councils do not have the position of a chairperson. Advisory councils have rotating terms that range from 1 to 2 years.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
An ENA Special Interest Group (SIG) provides members with similar interests the opportunity to network with each other in a specialty and/or areas of interest. It is the purpose of the Special Interest Group (SIG) to raise members’ interests relative to a specific topic (e.g., Emergency Department Technology, Education, etc.). Special Interest Groups meet once a year at the ENA Annual Conference to facilitate in-person networking sessions. Special Interest Groups also network electronically throughout the year. Special Interest Group (SIG) Facilitators are appointed on an annual basis.