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  • RN Title Protection Law
  • DR Title Protection Law
  • Workplace Violence Laws
  • RN Procedural Sedation Rules
  • RN Safe Staffing Laws

  • RN Title Protection Law


    NY Code Title VIII § 139-6039


    Relevant Text: 

    Only a person licensed or otherwise authorized under this article shall practice nursing and only a person licensed under section sixty-nine hundred five of this article shall use the title "registered professional nurse". No person shall use the title "nurse" or any other title or abbreviation that would represent to the public that the person is authorized to practice nursing unless the person is licensed or otherwise authorized under this article.





    DR Title Protection Law



    Relevant Text: 




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    Workplace Violence Laws



    NY Penal Code § 120.05, 120.08


    Relevant Text: 

    A person is guilty of assault on a peace officer, police officer, fireman or emergency medical services professional when, with intent to prevent a peace officer, police officer, a fireman, including a fireman acting as a paramedic or emergency medical technician administering first aid in the course of performance of duty as such fireman, or an emergency medical service paramedic or emergency medical service technician, from performing a lawful duty, he causes serious physical injury to such peace officer, police officer, fireman, paramedic or technician. Assault on a peace officer, police officer, fireman or emergency medical services professional is a class C felony.






    NY Penal Code Sec. 120.05


    Relevant Text: 

    A person is guilty of assault in the second degree when: With intent to prevent a … registered nurse… or medical or related personnel in a hospital emergency department… from performing a lawful duty… he or she causes physical injury to such registered nurse or hospital personnel. Assault in the Second Degree is a Class D Felony.



    Referred to Codes


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    RN Procedural Sedation Rules



    Relevant Text: 

    Any drug that is considered an anesthetic agent must be administered by a trained anesthesia provider. Drugs such as Propofol, ketamine, etomidate, methohexital, and thiopental may not be appropriate agents for administration by RNs who are not qualified as CRNAs for the purpose of sedation and anesthesia. However, Registered Nurses, who are competent in the procedure through education and experience, may administer Propofol to intubated, ventilated patients in a critical care setting based on an appropriate medical order.



    New York State Board of Nursing


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    RN Safe Staffing Laws



    NY Public Health Law § 2805-T

    Relevant Text: 

    Every facility with an operating certificate pursuant to the requirements of this article shall make available to the public information regarding nurse staffing and patient outcomes as specified by the commissioner by rule and regulation.
    (a) The number of registered nurses providing direct care and the ratio of patients per registered nurse, full-time equivalent, providing direct care.
    (b) The number of licensed practical nurses providing direct care.
    (c) The number of unlicensed personnel utilized to provide direct patient care, including adjustment for case mix and acuity.
    (d) Incidence of adverse patient care, including incidents such as medication errors, patient injury, decubitus ulcers, nosocomial infections, and nosocomial urinary tract infections.
    (e) Methods used for determining and adjusting staffing levels and patient care needs and the facility's compliance with these methods.
    (f) Data regarding complaints filed with any state or federal regulatory agency, or an accrediting agency, and data regarding investigations and findings as a result of those complaints, degree of compliance with acceptable standards, and the findings of scheduled inspection visits.




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