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State Fundraising Challenge

The 2019 State Fundraising Challenge has begun!

ENA state councils and local chapters wage a friendly competition each year in support of the advancement of emergency nursing. In fact, the ENA State Fundraising Challenge is the ENA Foundation’s largest source of funding! 

The Challenge has a new theme this year: ENSTRONG!

With your help, we can reach our goal of $190,000 and participation from all 50 states to:

  • Give nurses a chance to further their education
  • Provide nurses with the tools to save lives
  • Shape the future of emergency nursing

State councils and chapters will plan local fundraising drives and events centered around the theme of helping empower emergency nurses with gifts that will fund academic scholarships. States that raise $5,000 or more have the privilege of naming their own academic scholarship the following year. Special recognition will be awarded to the state with the largest increase per capita over 2018 totals and the state with the largest number of individual donors!!  These “winning” states will be recognized at EN19.

From January 24 through May 31, 2019, the ENA Foundation will be accepting donations that will go toward helping the best and the brightest achieve their dreams.

Is your state ready for the challenge?


State totals for the 2019 State Fundraising Challenge:

(as of 4/29/19)

*Includes pledged donations.  Please remit pledged donations by May 31, 2019.

Alabama: $800.00*

Alaska: $800.00

Arizona: $2,500.00*

Arkansas: $650.00

California: $9,351.00*

Colorado: $5,100.00*

Connecticut: $1,925.00

Delaware: $800.00*

Florida: $3,400.00

Georgia: $6,050.00

Hawaii: $0.00

Idaho: $750.00

Illinois: $6,350.00

Indiana: $2,645.00*

Iowa: $1,000.00

Kansas: $1,550.00

Kentucky: $12,962.00*

Louisiana: $725.00

Maine: $525.00

Maryland: $2,575.00*

Massachusetts: $150.00

Michigan: $530.00*

Minnesota: $6,000.00*

Mississippi: $1,000.00

Missouri: $5,000.00

Montana: $2,500.00

Nebraska: $500.00*

Nevada: $500.00

New Hampshire: $570.00

New Jersey: $13,730.00

New Mexico: $2,000.00

New York: $17,354.00

North Carolina: $4,050.00

North Dakota: $25.00

Ohio: $280.00

Oklahoma: $750.00

Oregon: $1,700.00

Pennsylvania: $4,565.00*

Rhode Island: $277.00*

South Carolina: $725.00

South Dakota: $2,055.00

Tennessee: $5,500.00*

Texas: $32,165.00

Utah: $500.00

Vermont: $0.00

Virginia: $900.00

Washington: $1,760.00

West Virginia: $1,500.00

Wisconsin: $2,525.00

Wyoming: $250.00

If you missed the 2018 State Fundraising Challenge, here’s how the top states stacked up:

States that had the largest percentage increase per capita: 

#1 - Oregon

#2 – North Dakota

#3 - Missouri

States that had the largest individual donations per state:

#1 - New Jersey

2018 State Fundraising Challenge Achievements:

  • Over $222,000 raised — a 60% increase from last year’s total
  • Participation from 100% of State Councils
  • 84% of the states increased their total amount donated from 2017 to 2018
  • Seventeen states raised at least $5,000, allowing them to name scholarships in 2019
  • A $41,000 gift received — the largest single state gift in foundation history

Thank you for your generous support!

The ENA Foundation Board of Trustees and staff are here to help. For more information about the State Fundraising Challenge and how you can participate, please contact the ENA Foundation at 847.460.4100 or

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