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Is your state ready to be “Rockin’ It Out for Nursing Scholarships” for this year’s 2016 State Fundraising Challenge?

Every contribution counts; no amount is too small. 100% of your donation goes directly to fund 2017 scholarships for nursing education. Your gift ensures that today and tomorrow’s emergency nurses have the support they need to provide quality patient care and advance the future of emergency nursing. 

Click here to Give today!


Amount raised for the week of 06/27/16 

Largest percentage increase per capita
1st Place -  $350 ENA Marketplace gift certificate - South Dakota
2nd Place - $150 ENA Marketplace gift certificate - Rhode Island
Largest number of individual donations per state
1st Place -  $350 ENA Marketplace gift certificate - New Jersey
2nd Place - $150 ENA Marketplace gift certificate - California

Name a Scholarship
For every $5,000 that each state council or chapter raises, they will have the privilege of naming a 2017 academic scholarship!


How WILL your state Perform?


Alabama $650.00         Louisiana $500.00       Ohio $1,100.00       
Alaska $250.00 Maine $ Oklahoma $500.00
Arizona $1,500.00 Maryland $1,548.00 Oregon $1,000.00
Ar​​​​​kansas $600.00 Massachusetts $1,120.00 Pennsylvania $2,075.00
California $7,827.00 Michigan $1,000.00 Rhode Island $375.00
Colorado $ Minnesota $​​5,442.15 South Carolina $2,013.00
Connecticut $1,185.00 Mississippi $200.00 South Dakota $5,338.98
Delaware $300.00 Missouri $360.00 Tennessee $3,057.00
Florida $380.00 Montana $ Texas $12,542.00
Georgia $9,000.00 Nebraska $450.00 Utah $
Hawaii $ Nevada $350.00 Vermont $600.00
Idaho $500.00 New Hampshire $361.00 Virginia $4,628.85​
Illinois $6,220.00 New Jersey $15,484.08 Washington $1,586.00
Indiana $2,475.00 New Mexico $ West Virginia $
Iowa $2,175.00 New York $6,180.00 Wisconsin $2,600.00
Kansas $1,000.00 North Carolina $2,275.00 Wyoming $250.00
Kentucky $10,340.00 North Dakota $640.00 Other $4,374.02


Thank you for your generous support!

The ENA Foundation Board of Trustees and staff are here to help you. For more information about the State Fundraising Challenge and how you can participate, please contact the ENA Foundation at 847-460-4100 or


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