Through the generous support from donors, the ENA Foundation is able to provide the following endowments:

Judith C. Kelleher Memorial Endowment 
To honor Judy’s wish to continue to further emergency nursing education and to keep her legacy alive, the ENA Foundation created the Judith C. Kelleher Memorial Endowment. Starting in 2014, the ENA Foundation will begin giving the Judith C. Kelleher educational scholarship each year in perpetuity.

Anita Dorr Memorial Endowment
Anita M. Dorr, RN, FAEN (1915-1972), was the co-founder and first executive director of the National Emergency Department Nurses Association. Mrs. Dorr, who had been instrumental in the founding of the EDNA, was serving her second year as executive director of the national association at the time of her death.

Karen O'Neil Memorial Endowment 
According to her loved ones and friends, Karen (1959-1997) was described as a tireless emergency nurse and exemplary educator. Arming herself with knowledge, she was always diligent in furthering her education. With this in mind, her nursing friends and family, wish to honor her memory and her life by creating the Karen O’Neil Memorial Endowment.

Richard Wynkoop Sr. Memorial Endowment
Richard Wynkoop Sr. (1948 - 2015) together with his wife of 35 years, Jackie Taylor-Wynkoop, shared a passion for emergency nursing. Together with their combined love for emergency nursing a permanent endowment has been established in memory of Richard Wynkoop to support emergency nurses and make a difference in the years to come.​

Jeanette E. Ash Memorial
Jeanette Ash, RN (1918-2006) began her nursing career in 1939 as an obstetrical nurse at the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing in Newark, New Jersey. Jeanette ultimately worked many years of her career in the area that evolved from the Accident Room to the Emergency Room and finally the Emergency Department. To honor not only her memory but her dedication an endowment fund has been set up in her name.

Elizabeth B. Moore Memorial
Elizabeth “Betty” B. Moore (1929-2014) began her nursing career at a hospital in Philadelphia and spent the majority of her career caring for patients in Vietnam and Panama, as well as other countries as a medical missionary. Betty was an exceptional emergency nurse, an early ENA member, an early advocate for continuing education and a mentor to many. In order to honor her commitment to nursing and continuing education, a permanent endowment has been set up by Betty’s niece, Linda Grant. This endowment will fund annual scholarships to undergraduate nursing students.

New York September 11thEndowment
September 11, 2001, is a day that New York and the world will never forget. The United Stated was attacked by terrorists. Creating caring colleagues from painful memories, the New York ENA State Council created the NYENA 9/11 scholarship with the ENA Foundation. In 2002, they established the New York ENA September 11th Endowment in perpetuity ensuring that we Never Forget.