This stroke treatment educational module was developed by Genentech, the manufacturer of Activase® (Alteplase) - a prescription drug indicated for the management of acute ischemic stroke in adults for improving neurological recovery and reducing the incidence of disability.  This module is not accredited for CME.  The module is intended to assist emergency nurses and other health care providers in making decisions about the management of ischemic stroke patients.  This educational module presents information on only one method of available treatment options.  Informatio​n and recommendations within this module (i) do not reflect or discuss all or necessarily the most appropriate treatment options available for a particular patient; (ii) reflect scientific and clinical knowledge current as of the time of publication; (iii) are only current as of the publication date; and (iv) are subject to change without notice as advances emerge.


In addition, variations in practice, which take into account the needs of the individual patient and the resources and limitations unique to the institution or type of practice, may warrant approaches, treatments and/or procedures that differ from the information outlined in this module.  Therefore, this educational module should not be construed as dictating an exclusive course of management, nor does the use of such recommendations guarantee a particular outcome.  This educational module is not intended to displace a health care provider’s best medical judgment based on the clinical circumstances of a particular patient or patient population.  This educational module is made available by ENA for educational and informational purposes only. ENA does not “approve” or “endorse” Genentech, Activase®, or any of the drugs, methods, practices, or sources of information contained herein.​