June 2013


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We have heard your concerns regarding the 4th edition material, the tests and the scores your students are receiving. The Course Administration Faculty is working with the ENA Education Institute to address these concerns.

One of the project steps taken after the implementation of a new course version is the analysis of the tests questions, once the course has been live for at least 9 months. This same process occurred with the roll out of the 6th Edition TNCC Material. The Education Institute has begun the analysis of the ENPC 4th edition tests, with the help of an independent expert in the field. The analysis is expected to be completed later this summer. The analysis of the test will provide us with the insight we need to move forward in addressing the concerns that have been brought forth by many ENPC instructors across the country.

It is very important to emphasize to your students that they must come prepared to the course in order to pass. They must read the book and complete the online modules. The ultimate goal of the course is to provide the attendees with the knowledge and skills they need to improve patient care and therefore we must confirm that they did, in fact, understand and assimilate the knowledge provided.


This is a reminder that ENPC providers who received instructor potential status in a 3rd edition provider course may attend a 4th edition instructor course. However, they must purchase the 4th edition provider manual and be advised to study thoroughly, as they must pass the 4th edition provider course test with a score of 90% or better, prior to attending the instructor course. (This is part of the pretesting requirement for all instructor courses, as defined in the Administrative Procedures).


Course Directors and State Chairs now have the ability to run Instructor Evaluation reports in eCourseOps. Course Directors can run a report on an individual instructor to check their evaluation score, by entering the appropriate instructor number. State Chairs can do that as well, and they can also run a report for their entire state. This will result in a large PDF with each instructor’s list of courses taught and their related scores. This can also be narrowed down, for instance, to run the report to pull up only instructors in the state whose cumulative score has fallen below 3.0.

The report is found in eCourseOps, by clicking on the word Reports on the left hand side of the screen. Complete instructions are provided on the reports page. Course Directors can also find this report by clicking on the word Reports on the landing page of the Course Directors only section of the web. You must be logged into the web site in order to access these areas.



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