March 2013


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We’ve received an excellent tip from one of our dedicated ENPC course directors, regarding the Clinical Considerations skill station. Using small group interactive learning environments is a great way to present the vignette skill station scenarios. This is also a good way to use a different teaching strategy which allows students to interact with others and get some hands on practice. This teaching strategy allows students to use what they are learning in a simulated situation.

Break your class into small groups of 3 to 5 each, depending on the class size. Then have each group practice the vignette together, changing roles and assignments within each vignette. If time allows, switch the groups so they can work with more than one scenario. You could have a short debrief after working in the small groups to see what worked best and what the students learned from this activity.



All current ENPC 4th edition Instructors now have access to a shared Team Site on the ENA web site. To find this area, go to and let your cursor hover over the purple Membership tab, for the dropdown menu to appear. Select ‘Committees’ from the dropdown menu. From that page, click on the link ‘Committee Members Only’. You will be prompted to login, if you haven’t already done so. If you have never logged in to the ENA website before, click on the ‘need to create an account?’ link using the email address that ENA uses to send you Coursebytes. Once logged in, on the left side of the screen you will see a list of committees. Click on the one that says ‘ENPC Instructors 4.0’.

The optional modules that were available to you as part of the ENPC 4th edition update modules, have been added to the ‘Announcements’ section, so that you can reference them when preparing to teach your ENPC provider courses. The Education and Member and Course Services Departments will continue to use this team site to post information that is meaningful to all ENPC Instructors.

Watch for upcoming news on a new Team Site for TNCC instructors!


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