December 2012


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ENPC 4th Edition Information

ENPC Course Directors received a letter via email in November, providing information regarding corrections being made to the ENPC 4th edition Instructor Supplement and the course slides. Corrected copies of the Instructor Supplement will be provided to all instructors who had previously purchased it, at no additional charge. We expect shipments to start January 4th. Those instructors who had previously purchased a downloadable instructor supplement are currently being contacted to advise them that they can now download a corrected copy.

All course directors who had previously requested and received the 4th edition CD-ROM will be automatically sent a new copy as well. The Course Directors Only section of the ENA website will reflect the updated, corrected information as of 12/27/12.

The new CD-ROM and Course Directors Only web page will include a practice test to be shared with your provider course students when you distribute the course manuals and an answer key for you. This will help the students prepare for the provider course. Also included in the instructor course folder are the scored teaching scenarios related to the examples played during the instructor course from the course DVD.



TNCC Course Directors were notified via email in November, that the ENA Board of Directors met on October 24th and decided that the 6th edition TNCC Reverification courses can continue to be held after 12/31/12. As of 1/1/2013, however, no contact hours can be awarded for attending a TNCC Reverification course. This decision was made after receiving quite a bit of feedback from course directors indicating that the availability of the one day Reverification course option, even without the ability to award contact hours, would provide them with a much needed option for many institutions.



eCourseOps is celebrating its one year anniversary and course directors increasingly take advantage of its capabilities. On average, approximately 65% of the course applications submitted to ENA come through eCourseOps. We have received a lot of very positive feedback indicating that eCourseOps is easy to use to add a course, order books, pay invoices…. A very popular feature is the “Copy” course icon that allows you to create a new course by copying an existing course, while making any small changes needed, such as the new course dates.

Remember to login to the ENA website in order to access eCourseOps, via the Courses & Education tab’s dropdown menu. There are FAQ (frequently asked questions) and Help documents on the landing page to assist you. Course Operations is always happy to assist you as well at 800-942-0011 or If you haven’t yet used eCourseOps, we encourage you to give it a try – we think you’ll like it.



Your Input is Welcome

Coursebytes is the official communication to all TNCC and ENPC Course Directors and Instructors. Topic ideas for future issues and feedback are welcome at If you know of any Instructor or Course Director who should be receiving this email but is not, please ask them to email us at with their name, current home address and home and work email addresses.