June 2012 Fiftieth Edition


As we approach the rollout of the 4th edition of ENPC, here is a recap of the timing:

  • ENPC 4th edition provider manuals will be available to ship as of 8/1/2012;
  • Current ENPC instructors can access the LMS for the ENPC update materials and the test, as of 8/27/2012;
  • Instructor supplements will be available for purchase by instructors once they have completed the update;
  • 4th edition ENPC courses can begin to be held by updated course directors and instructors on 9/1/2012 and beyond;
  • All ENPC 3rd edition instructors must be updated to the 4th edition by 2/28/2013;
  • Only 4th edition ENPC courses can be held after 2/28/2013*

*International and military may need some additional time to transition to the 4th edition.

There is a new ENPC course application available on the ENPC page of the ENA web site where you are able to indicate which version your planned course will be. Please start using this application right away. All ENPC courses booked for September 1st and beyond must indicate whether they will be held as 3rd or 4th edition courses.

The letter sent to all ENPC instructors on February 28th outlining the rollout, is posted on the following ENPC page of the web site:


All current ENPC instructors will be sent information in advance with instructions for accessing the LMS for the required update materials and test.



We recently announced to our State Presidents, and Trauma and Pediatric Chairpersons that a new State Leaders view is now available in eCourseOps. This allows our State Leaders the ability to:

  • View all upcoming and past courses held within the state
  • View all related invoices for the state
  • View all instructor candidates waiting to be scheduled for monitoring, or scheduled for upcoming courses
  • Designate and manage who is ‘state faculty’, meaning who has the authority to monitor instructor candidates within the state

We plan to continue to build on this functionality and also to roll it out to our international partners in the very near future.

Course Directors may have also noticed that the date your course materials were mailed to you now shows on your upcoming courses. This relates to the scantrons and certificates. Once Course Operations receives your post course materials back from you, there is now a check mark indicating they were received on your past courses.

We continue to thank our Course Director Focus Group for providing the oversight and direction that brings these new features to you! 

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