November 2011 Forty Sixth Edition




We are very excited to announce that Phase 1 of the new eCourseOps online course management system has launched. You can access this system by choosing ‘eCourseOps’ from the dropdown menu under ‘Courses & Education’ on the ENA web site. You must be logged in for the system to recognize that you are a course director and have the authority to access the system.

The initial landing page has a “How to” document, an “FAQ” (“Frequently Asked Questions”) document, and a link to an informational webinar, to provide assistance with navigating the system. Our Course Operations team is also available if you need more help.

Phase 1 focuses on the needs of our course directors. The system allows you to see all of your upcoming and past courses, all outstanding and paid for invoices, and all open and used credits. Course directors can add courses, reschedule or cancel courses, create invoices for indirect fees and manuals, and pay invoices. You can also add the “actual” number of students that attended the course, once the course has been held. Course directors can designate an “administrative assistant” that can login on your behalf and perform the above functions for you.

Phase 2 will include expanded functionality, as well as a view for the State Leaders on the courses being held in their state, and the ability for the State Leaders to pay related outstanding invoices.

We are especially grateful to our Course Director Focus Group, who has provided tremendous insight and direction to this project.



Progress continues on the 4th edition of ENPC, as we work toward rollout. Currently the test bank is being reviewed by an item writing expert and we have contacted several ENPC course directors to participate in the validation. The response from the course directors has been excellent. We will be able to get all those needed from this group to have a strong cross section of representation from all 50 states and our international partners. The course directors selected will be receiving all update materials, the draft copy of the provider manual and the first version of the written test. Once this review is complete, the test and the feedback will be analyzed, the test revised and sent out to a second group, also selected from our pool of course directors for a second review. This will take us to ENA Leadership Conference where we will validate the psychomotor stations with yet another group selected from the course director pool. Thank you all for your dedication to ENA courses.


Your Input is Welcome

Topic ideas for future issues and feedback are welcome at If you know of any Instructor or Course Director who should be receiving this email but is not, please ask them to email us at with their name, current home address and home and work email addresses.