ENA Expresses Concerns on Impact of California Supreme Court Decision on Patient Safety

DES PLAINES, Ill, August 15, 2013 – The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) joins the American Nurses Association and the National Association of School Nurses in expressing strong disappointment in the recent decision by the California Supreme Court that permits unlicensed school personnel to administer insulin to children.
The Court’s decision, which reverses a lower court ruling, effectively allows a state agency other than the Board of Nursing to determine the scope of nursing practice. It also harms patient safety by ignoring state health care licensure laws.
Most troublesome, the decision will increase the risk of medical errors for students with diabetes and other conditions who need insulin injections while in schools. School nurses, who are the focal point for the provision of health care in our schools, are best qualified to provide this type of medical care.
By allowing unlicensed individuals to administer insulin to children, this decision establishes a dangerous precedent that can only undermine the safety of patients.  


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