Jason Moretz

NAMEJason Moretz, BSN, RN, CEN, CTRN
Maiden, North Carolina 
Candidate for Nominations Committee - Past Board Member


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Current Employement
Senior Consultant
Blue Jay Consulting
Professional Credentials/Certifications
BSN, 2007-Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina
ADN, 2002-Caldwell Community College, Hudson, North Carolina

2012 Member, Site Selection Committee
2009-11 ENA Board of Directors (Secretary/Treasurer, 2011)
2007-08 Member, State Council Compliance Workgroup
2007-08 ENA Resolutions Committee (Chairperson, 2008)
2005 Member, Web Communications Workgroup
2008 President-Elect, North Carolina State Council
2006-07 President, North Carolina State Council
2005 Secretary, North Carolina State Council
2004-05 Editor, “The Artery”
2004-05 Chairperson, Bylaw Committee
2003-08 Webmaster
2004 President, Metrolina Chapter
2011-12 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
2008-12 Appalachian State University Nursing Honor Society

Position Statement
What leadership attribute is essential to enhance the image and effectiveness of ENA?

In a sense ENA is a team. A team with the common goal of advocating for emergency nursing across the globe. Patrick Lencioni in The Five Dysfunctions of the Team characterizes the foundation of teamwork as trust.

ENA must be seen as a trusted organization. As a organization, we exhibit this attribute by exhibiting trusting qualities in all we do. As leaders, we must trust the ENA staff to perform the daily operations of the organization, and trust each other to challenge our opinion without fear of demoralization. As members, we must trust our elected leaders to perform the duties of their role, and that their actions are in the best interest of the organization.

Without trust, there is no team. There are only individuals.
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Statement to Membership
At the 2012 General Assembly, I authored a bylaw amendment entitled “ENA Board of Directors and Officer Elections” with a different view of how to conduct ENA elections. There was an overwhelming response from the delegates that my proposal was not the desired solution, thus the amendment was postponed indefinitely.

Some individuals would be discouraged by an overwhelming difference of opinion from an idea they proposed. However, in my experience at the General Assembly, I found this as valuable insight into the thoughts our membership had about the direction of our elections process. I want to take that valuable information, and bring it to my work on the nominations committee. I took a risk at offering radical solution, and in return was granted a gift of knowledge.

Every year, members make the decision to run as elected leaders of ENA. I’ve been both successful and unsuccessful in these elections, and had the privilege of serving ENA as a member of the Board of Directors and as the 2011 Secretary/Treasurer. I have personal, first hand knowledge of this process, and the emotional, professional and personal toll that it encompasses.

The process is not only long and hard on the candidates, but ENA continues to experience low voting percentages. As a member of the nominations committee, I would like to bring forth my personal experiences, as well as my experience in process improvement to create an election process that is shorter for the candidates and increases member participation.

I’m sure that I will have differing opinions than other on the committee. However, through building trusting relationships we will be able to all share our opinions and develop solutions in the best interest of ENA. We will be able to think outside our current practice, and learn to take risks. We will discover new options, look down a different road, and look to the future.
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