Marylou Killian

Marylou Killian, DNP,RN,FNP-bc,CEN Marylou Killian, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, CEN

Candidate for Director
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Current Employment
Saint Francis Hospital Emergency Department
Professional Credentials/Certifications
DNP -, 2011 MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston, Massachusetts
FNP - Post Masters, 1995 Russell Sage College, Troy, NY
MS - (Nursing), 1991 Russell Sage College, Troy, NY
BSN - 1985 Excelsior College (Formally University of the State of New York, Albany, NY
RN -1975 Albany Medical Center School of Nursing

2014: Clinical Policy Guidelines Committee
2011-2013 ENA Board of Directors
2010: Course Administration Faculty
2003: State Issues Work group
2000: Chairperson Ethics Committee
1997-1998: Lead Editor- Standards of Emergency Nursing Practice Revision Task Force
1986,1992-1994,1996 -2010 General Assembly Delegate

2014: Chairperson Advanced Practice Nursing Committee
2009- 2010, 1997 Member,- Conference Committee
2006-2007, 1998 - Chairperson- Conference Committee
2004-2005 - Chairperson-Professional Development Committee
2003: Chairperson- Professional Issues Committee
2003: Immediate Past – President New York State Council
2002: President New York State Council
2001: President –Elect New York State Council
1998-2000: Treasurer New York State Council
1995: Pediatric Chairperson

2009-2010 Secretary Mid –Hudson Chapter
2002-2008: Treasurer Mid- Hudson Chapter
2001: President Mid- Hudson Chapter
2000: President – elect Mid- Hudson Chapter
1993-1994: President Adirondack Chapter
1992: President – Elect Adirondack Chapter
1986-2000 Education Committee- Berkshire Chapter
American Association of Nurse Practitioners
Nurse Practitioner Association of New York State
Sigma Theta Tau
2003 New York State ENA Anita Dorr Award
1998 New York State ENA Special Recognition Award

Position Statement
What attribute is essential to enhance ENA’s mission of Safe Practice and Safe Care?

To enhance ENA’s mission of safe practice and safe care a person needs the abilities to: view situations from a global perspective; continually question the status quo; accept others feedback; reevaluate situations; and adjust plans accordingly.
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Statement To The Membership
When I first went to the emergency department as a student nurse I was in awe of the knowledge and work that was being done by the emergency nurses. Years later, when I started working in an emergency department as a staff nurse, I realized that, there is so much to learn it was daunting. Fortunately, early in my career I was encouraged to join ENA and my membership has provided me with education, opportunities, challenges, rewards, and friendships that have helped to enhance my career.

I have had the privilege of serving on the board from 2011-2013 and learned a great deal more about our organization and the members that keep it strong. During my time on the board changes occurred that were necessary for ENA to meet the future needs of our members, however they have also created new challenges for our organization. This means that it is essential that board members and officers: look at the big picture, seek input, ask the difficult questions, separate issues from people, and negotiate for resolutions to issues. They also need to be willing to need to ask critical questions so that all aspects of an issue are considered before decisions are made, and that the decisions are in the best interests of our members.

Throughout my membership in ENA I have worked to achieve goals that will strengthen our organization. As a member of the board there were times when tough questions had to be asked, and positions needed to be taken that were viewed as controversial. I did not hesitate to ask questions, bring forward ideas, and try to achieve compromise.Member driven organizations like ENA require boards that are responsive to the members while assuring that our organization remains structurally sound. As a member of the board, I will work to find solutions to our current challenges and to secure our future through member participation while supporting the mission and vision of ENA

Thank You for Your Time

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

  • Clinical advisor for TEVA Pharmaceuticals
  • ANCC External validation committee for the Emergency Nurse Practitioner portfolio certification program
  • Co-author of chapter in book on emergency medicine management published by McGraw-Hill

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