Ellen "Ellie" Encapera

Ellen Encapera Ellen "Ellie" H. Encapera, RN, CEN
Aiken, South Carolina
Candidate for Secretary/Treasurer
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Current Employment
Retired,Staff Nurse
I over four decades of experience; Patient Care Coordinator, Charge Nurse, part-time Educator with 21 years in emergency nursing.
Professional Credentials/Certifications
CEN 1984-2016
Diploma in Nursing, 1969 Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2011-2015 ENA Board of Director
2005-2010 Member, ENA Nominations Committee
2007-2008 Chairperson, ENA Nominations Committee
2006, 2009 National ENA State Council Achievement Award for Best Membership Practices
2004 Member, ENA State Council and Chapter Relations Work Group
2001 Member, ENA International Task Force
1999-2000 Member, ENA Membership Committee
1991-2010 General Assembly Delegate
1998-2011 Chairperson, California State Membership Committee
1998-2010 Delegation Coordinator California ENA State Council
1997-2011 Member, California ENA State Council Education Committee
1996-1997 Secretary, California ENA State Council
1998-2011 Chairperson, Orange Coast Membership Committee
2000-2011 Member, Orange Coast Education Committee
1993-1994,1999 President, Orange Coast Chapter
1990-1991 Secretary, Orange Coast Chapter

Position Statement
What Attribute is essential to enhance ENA’s mission of Safe Practice and Safe Care?

Integrity is an essential attribute to enhance ENA’s mission of safe practice and safe care. Defined as the “adherence to a code of values”, integrity is both an essential attribute and personal choice. Safe care demands a personal pledge to adhere to all appropriate regulatory and practice standards. Nurses must value, respect and support a culture of safety within the practice arena, to protect patients and staff from injury and harm. Modern nursing practice is highly technical, complex and more demanding than ever before, requiring both precision and honesty of actions. If and when errors occur, reporting contributes to both process improvements and prevention of harm. It takes courage and personal integrity in nursing practice to contribute to a culture of safety and a pledge to do no harm.
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Statement To The Membership
Since joining ENA in 1988, I have been gratified and rewarded with my personal, membership investment. As an engaged volunteer and contributing member, I have been privileged to learn and grow along side of talented and dedicated nursing professionals, lending a voice to and shaping the future of emergency practice.

My biography outlines my long professional career and contributions to ENA on all three levels of the association. I believe in setting a loyalty example, “paying it forward” by mentoring future leaders to reach greater heights, attain personal dreams and enrich their own professional practice. My primary focus has been in ENA fostering membership development, recruitment and retention in the state of California.

As the consummate staff nurse, my career has surpassed over 4 decades, in a variety of specialties, including 21 rewarding years in emergency nursing, primarily in charge nurse management and education. So, at this point in my nursing career, I have made a fulltime commitment to propel ENA forward, making it a more vibrant and sustainable association, for our members, by our members.

One of the most important functions of a national board director is the financial oversight of our organizational assets. The officer position of Secretary Treasurer encompasses the key voluntary roles of accurate record keeping during executive sessions, oversight and reporting of financial operations to the membership and ensuring timely and appropriate external, regulatory filings. Working in conjunction with the ENA financial staff and members of the Finance Committee, the Secretary Treasurer participates in an in-depth budgetary management process to ensure the proper performance of organizational financial operations.

I am eager to enhance my responsibilities as an ENA director in this prestigious position with a clear commitment to serve you, advance our well respected, specialty association and support the emergency nursing community, which we proudly represent. I offer a willingness to listen, debate, collaborate and consider all options before reaching vital decisions. I support consultations with our professional colleagues and stakeholders, including ENA’s financial and legal experts, before voting on issues that impact your membership opportunities, benefits and the future viability of our professional association.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure
No conflicts disclosed.

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