Kristen Connor


Kristen Connor

Kristen Connor, BSN, RN, PHN, CEN
Orangevale, California
Candidate for Director
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Professional Credentials/Certifications
BSN, 2008 - California State University, Sacramento, California
ADN, 1994 - Palomar College, San Marcos, California


National -Lifetime Member
2012 Recipient, ENA Rising Star Award
2012 Member, Membership and Component Relations Committee
2009-2013 General Assembly Delegate

2013 Treasurer, California State Council
2012 Treasurer-Elect, California State Council
2012-present Member, Education Committee, California State Council
2009-present Member, Government Affairs Committee, California State Council
2009-2010 Sacramento Chapter Representative, California State Council
2010-2011 President, Sacramento Chapter
2009-2010 President-Elect, Sacramento Chapter
2010-2012 Chairperson, Government Affairs, Sacramento Chapter
2009-2011 Chairperson, Newsletter, Sacramento Chapter
2008-2009 Chairperson, Membership, Sacramento Chapter
2013-present Member, American Nurse Association/California
2013-Present Member, National Association of Professional Women
2013 Recipient, Professional Woman of the Year, National Association of Professional Women
2012-Present Liaison, Graduate Nursing Student Academy, American Association of Colleges of Nursing
2010-2016 Member, American Association of Critical-Care Nurse

Position Statement
What attribute is essential to enhance ENA’s mission of Safe Practice and Safe Care?

Integrity, honesty and transparency of the Board of Directors are all necessary attributes for ENA’s mission to be carried out successfully. Members must feel confident that every person who serves on the Board embodies these qualities in every action and personal encounter. As a lifetime member of this organization, I believe in the mission and the collective wisdom of the membership. I fight for what is right. I also know that I have the integrity, honest and transparency the membership so strongly desires from a director..
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Statement To The Membership
When joining ENA, I found an organization that exemplified the professionalism of emergency nursing; an organization that supports nurses, patients and our communities. Since that time, I have embraced all that ENA stands for and works towards by participating and organizing membership drives, legislative events, educational events and social events. I have attended Annual and Leadership conferences, and have been a delegate every year.

From my very first General Assembly, I have spoken out for the rights of the members. I believe that every member should be well informed, have the opportunity to voice concerns, be active in decision-making and have access to the Board of Directors and staff. My goal is to improve this process.

My vision is to help ENA move into an era in which we strive to improve communication between the board and the membership so that we can support these goals. I also would like to promote a higher level of accuracy in the products we produce, increase advocacy efforts for safer work environments and encourage sincere efforts to move away from lateral violence in all aspects of our lives.

I know that my vision for the future of ENA, as stated above, mirrors that of the organization and the desires of the members. Please vote for me to be your director in 2015- 2017.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure
No conflicts disclosed.

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