ENA Achievement Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the ENA Achievement Awards?

The ENA Achievement Awards are an opportunity to recognize innovators, leaders, exceptional practitioners, and those who continually go above and beyond the call of duty in the emergency nursing profession. Each award has specific requirements and criteria to meet.

2. Is there a cost to apply?

No. There is no fee to nominate someone for an ENA Achievement Award.

3. Can I nominate myself?

You may nominate yourself only for the Media Award, State Council/Chapter Government Affairs Award, and Team Award.

4. Does the nominee have to be an ENA member?

Only Behind the Scenes and Media Award nominees do not require the recipient to be an ENA member. See the requirements for each award for more information.

5. Does the ENA Achievement Awards nomination process have to be completed online?

Yes, the nomination must be completed and submitted via the online form.

6. Can I email the CV/resume and/or additional documents?

Emailed CV/resumes and additional documents will only be accepted for those awards that require them:

  • Full CVs/resumes are accepted only for the Judith C. Kelleher and Lifetime Achievement Awards.
  • Additional documents are accepted only for the Media Award and the State Council/Chapter Government Affairs Award. See the requirements for these awards for the specific documents required.

7. How is my nomination evaluated?

ENA staff confirms that all nomination materials are de-identified prior they are reviewed by the ENA Awards Committee. This ensures an unbiased review. Materials are scored by members of the  committee to determine whether the specific award criteria are met. The individual who scores highest for each award will be selected as the recipient.

8. How do I de-identify the narrative statements?

Exclude any information that may identify the nominee. For example:

  • Use [nominee] instead of his/her name
  • Use [county] or [city] or [state] instead of the name of the county, city or state
  • Use [hospital] instead of the name of the hospital
  • Use [name] instead of the names of other individuals

9. Can I nominate an individual for more than one award?

Yes, you may nominate an individual for more than one award. However, you must submit a separate nomination form for each award that addresses the specific criteria for that award. The same nomination form cannot be submitted for more than one award.

If applicable, discuss the nomination with your State Council to ensure there is no conflict (e.g., two individuals in the same state are nominated for the same award). This is acceptable at the National level but may not be the direction the State Council would choose to go.

10. If there is only one nomination for an award, does that individual automatically receive the award? What if there are no nominees for an award? What if there’s a tie?

No. Nominees must meet the minimum score to receive award designation.

If there are no nominees for an award, the award will not be given that year. However, you will still be able to nominate people for that award in subsequent years.

In the event of a tie score, the ENA Board of Directors will decide if more than one award is to be given within a category or select the single recipient of the award based on a review of the nomination materials.

Questions? Contact AnnualAwards@ena.org.