Application Overview

* International ENA members are welcome and encouraged to apply! *



  1. Online Application (includes demographic, personal statements, and $100 application fee)
  2. Current Curriculum Vitae (separately via email to
  3. Online Letters of Recommendation (two); one must be from an AEN Fellow, and one from an ENA member
Applications, CV and Letters of Recommendation due by December 2, 2014, Noon (Central). 


  • $100 Application Fee (due with online application)
  • $100 Induction Fee (due with acceptance letter)
  • $100 Annual Dues (Current Fellows and newly inducted Fellows pay dues annually by December 31. AEN dues are in addition to ENA membership dues.)

Payments made by check or money order should be sent to:

Academy of Emergency Nursing
Emergency Nurses Association
915 Lee St
Des Plaines, IL 60016-6569


  • Applicants must have three years of uninterrupted ENA membership immediately prior to submission of application. Any lapse in membership disqualifies the application.
  • Completed applications will be reviewed by the AEN Board and scored on established criteria. $100 application fee will be processed.
  • Applications are reviewed only on submitted materials. No additional information will be considered.
  • Applicants who meet the criteria will be notified in March of the AEN Board's decision.
  • All decisions by the AEN Board are final and no explanation of decisions will be provided to applicants or sponsors.
  • Admission to the Academy is contingent on attendance by the candidate at the AEN Induction Ceremony during ENA's Annual Conference.
  • Incomplete applications (all materials not submitted by deadline) will not be reviewed by the AEN Board. The applicant will be notified and the $100 application fee will not be processed.  


  1. You are encouraged to copy and paste text from a Word document into the form.
  2. To copy, use CTRL+C and to paste use CTRL+V
  3. Upon completing the form, click on 'Submit Form' on the upper right hand corner of the form. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL UPON SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION OF YOUR APPLICATION.

 Select Type of Application: (all forms are interactive PDFs)





  • ENA Board of Directors and employees of ENA are ineligible for admission to the Academy and cannot write letters of recommendation.
  • AEN Fellows considering running for the AEN Board should not write letters of recommendations for fellow candidates 
  • Click Here to submit LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION (form is an interactive PDF Upon completing the form, click on 'Submit Form' on the upper right hand corner of the form. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL UPON SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION OF YOUR APPLICATION.)
    View previously submitted letters of recommendation for two "successful" applicants below. They show the attributes and activities of a successful candidate. Identifiers have been removed and permission has been granted from both the candidates and the authors of the letters to post these.

Sample - Letter of Recommendation 1

Sample - Letter of Recommendation 2


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