Federal Issues






ENA's government relations programs are designed to:  

  • Advocate quality patient care, injury prevention, and wellness preparedness
  • Represent the interests and concerns of emergency care nursing professionals.
  • Facilitate broad member participation.
  • Provide a strong unified voice for emergency nursing through legislative and regulatory representation.

ENA’s 2016/2017 Public Policy Agenda

Advocacy is more than just understanding the issues. To make a difference, you have to make your voice heard. The involvement of individual emergency nurses is vital to the success of our grassroots efforts. We encourage all ENA members to use the information provided here and on the EN411 Advocacy Engagement Page site to take an active role in addressing the issues facing emergency nursing. For further information on ENA's government relations activities and positions, contact gov@ena.org



ENA Federal News

ENA Joins Other Health Care Organizations in Urging the House and Senate Appropriations Committees to Support the Emergency Medical Services for Children Program

ENA Joins Health Care Coalition in Thanking Appropriations Committee and Members of Congress for Supporting Health Professions and Nursing Workforce Development Programs

ENA Sends Letters to Senate and House of Representatives in Support of the Ensuring Access to Primary Care for Women & Children Act

ENA sends letters to Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Rep. Susan Brooks in support of their legislation aimed at tackling the opioid and heroin abuse epidemics.

ENA Joins Coalition Letters to House and Senate Appropriations Committees in Support of the Emergency Medical Services for Children Program

ENA Sends Letter Expressing Support for Rep. Tim Murphy’s Legislation, H.R. 2646, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act