October 2013


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In the August issue of Coursebytes, it was announced that the TNCC 7th edition provider manual would be priced at $75.00 each. We received valuable feedback following this announcement and as a result, have increased our efforts to reduce costs. We are happy to announce that we have been able to lower the price to $68 per manual

As we also previously announced, indirect fees will not change at this time. Therefore the total cost of the course, (indirect fee + book), has gone from $115 to $133, an increase of approximately 16%. (The last change in provider course fees was a $5 increase to the indirect fees, effective January 2011.)

The TNCC 7th edition instructor supplement will follow the same pricing format as the ENPC 4th edition, which is as follows:

Printed instructor supplement:
Instructors who are members - $50.00
Instructors who are nonmembers - $80.00

Downloadable instructor supplement:
Instructors who are members - $30.00
Instructors who are nonmembers - $60.00

Additional information and directions will continue to be provided in future editions of CourseBytes, as well as direct emails/letters to current TNCC 6th edition instructors. If you know of any TNCC instructor that did not receive this issue of CourseBytes, please advise them to email Coursebytes@ena.org so that they will stay informed. 

To recap the dates previously announced in August:

  • TNCC 7th edition Provider manual orders that are paid for, will be available to ship, Monday January 13, 2014. Orders can be placed at your convenience.
  • Current 6th edition TNCC instructors will gain access to 7th edition update materials and the update exam, online, Monday February 10, 2014 (complete instructions to be provided)
  • Updated 7th edition instructors can purchase the 7th edition Instructor Supplement as of Monday February 10, 2014
  • Updated 7th edition course directors and instructors can teach 7th edition courses as of Monday February 10, 2014
  • All current 6th edition TNCC instructors must successfully pass the TNCC 7th edition instructor update exam by Friday May 30, 2014
  • No 6th edition TNCC courses can be held after Friday May 30, 2014 (international countries will have a longer time period to accomplish the update)


The TNCC 7th Edition pilot provider course held at the 2013 Annual Conference was very successful, allowing for additional input on course flow, and content. We are very grateful to the participants, instructors, and work team who all worked very hard and played a critical role in making this a success.

There was also a pilot of the TNCC 7th edition test questions taken by over 100 volunteer participants, which gave the work team valuable feedback to use to enhance the final course tests. Thanks to all of those test participants for their hard work and input!


ENA continues to work on enhancing the current ENPC 4th edition course and paid close attention to the feedback received from the networking session held at the 2013 Annual Conference. An email address has been set up to receive comments and feedback specific to the content and course flow of the ENPC 4th edition course. Please send those comments to feedbackenpc@ena.org. Continue to send course specific questions related to the Administrative Procedures, and the day to day logistics of your courses, to courseops@ena.org.


Your Input is Welcome

Coursebytes is the official communication to all TNCC and ENPC Course Directors and Instructors. Topic ideas for future issues and feedback are welcome at CourseBytes@ena.org. If you know of any Instructor or Course Director who should be receiving this email but is not, please ask them to email us at CourseBytes@ena.org with their name, current home address and home and work email addresses.