July 2011 Forty Third Edition



Please join us in the Exhibit Hall at Annual Conference on Thursday September 22nd at 4:15 p.m. to celebrate TNCC’s 25th anniversary! It was September of 1986 when the first TNCC course was held at Annual Conference in Hawaii. Those original attendees became the first TNCC instructors. We look forward to celebrating the beginning of TNCC, as well as the growth of TNCC, with all of you!

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According to the Administrative Procedures, Course Directors and Instructors review participants’ performances to determine which participants meet the guidelines for Instructor Potential. It is recommended that the providers be considered for Instructor Potential if they have the following: 

  1. Achievement of at least 90% on the Provider multiple-choice examinations
  2. Achievement of at least 85% of total points in each Provider skill station
  3. Experience in trauma or pediatric nursing, as applicable
  4. Experience in teaching
  5. Recommendation by more than one (1) instructor (unless there is only one (1) instructor)

Also, as clarified in the Amendment to the Administrative Procedures, dated March 1, 2011, and posted on the ENPC and TNCC pages of the ENA web site, “A provider course attendee who passes the provider course but does not score at the instructor potential level, cannot retest in that same course, just to improve his/her score.”

Once the attendee has tested and passed the course, there is no retesting for a better score. There are other factors, besides the test scores, to consider in recommending an attendee for instructor potential. It is up to the Course Director and Instructors involved to weigh those factors and make that ultimate decision.


It is very important that all Provider and Instructor course attendees complete their full demographic information on the scantron test form. There are still a surprising number of attendees who leave all of their address information blank. When that attendee wants to move on to become an instructor, or needs ENA to verify their provider status to their employer, we cannot identify which “Susan Smith” is the correct one. Please encourage your students to provide this information in full.


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