May 2011 Forty Second Edition



We are pleased to announce that in late March 2011, new course director financial account statements were distributed. The initial mailing of the statements included a letter of explanation. The statements are now being sent out to course directors on a monthly basis and include any outstanding invoices and/or unapplied credits on courses held by that course director. Statements that reflect a credit balance total will be sent only on a quarterly basis. The goal is to provide complete information on a timely basis so that course directors can stay informed and keep their accounts up to date. The plan is to have these statements sent via email eventually, but in the meantime they will be arriving by postal mail. Initial feedback has been very positive.  



In December 2010, ENA implemented a new monthly report sent via email to all State Trauma and Pediatric Chairpersons, as well as State Presidents. This report identifies the TNCC / ENPC courses held over 30 days prior, within the state, for which ENA Course Operations has not yet received the post course materials. This report is sent on the 16th of each month.

We are happy to announce that a monthly email is now also being sent directly to the U.S. Course Directors listing their courses that are over 30 days past the course end date, yet no post course materials have been received at ENA. This report will also be sent out on the 16th of each month.

Course Operations will continue to work with the International liaisons to retrieve missing post course materials.




There are two errors in the instructor notes for two TNCC provider course slides:

  1. The disaster lecture, slide 10, the instructor notes state that "Exposure results in a cholinergic crisis secondary to the excess accumulation of AChE at the neuromuscular junctions..." The bolded word, AChE, should be replaced with acetylcholine.
  2. Also in the disaster lecture, slide 13, the instructor notes state that "Cyanide, as well as carbon dioxide, are considered blood agents, not because they act on the blood..." The bolded word, dioxide, should be replaced with monoxide.



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