ENA Annual Awards

ENA Annual Awards recognize individuals who exemplify exceptional professional practice, innovation, leadership and advocacy in the specialty of emergency nursing.

Specific awards differ in descriptions, requirements and criteria. Please thoroughly review all of the award information to ensure that the award suits the nominee.

If there are no nominations for a specific award category in a given year, that award will not be included in the Awards Gala program. 


Please review all descriptions and criteria prior to completing a nomination form.  Click here for a complete list of all awards.


Prior to submitting an application for a nominee, you are encouraged to review the Annual Awards Handbook, which provides helpful information to guide you through the application process.

Nomination Form
Deadline to submit a nomination form is Monday, March 31 at Noon Central Time. 

PLEASE NOTE: You may leave the nomination form, and the next time you click on the survey link you will re-enter the form where you left off. Save and Continue works automatically by placing a cookie on your browser and will work as long as you return to the survey using the same computer and Internet browser you started the form on.

The form includes:

  1. The name of the award for which you are nominating someone
  2. Contact information for both you and the nominee
  3. Narrative statements as outlined in each award category (the name of the nominee should not be included in any narratives)  
  4. A summary of the nominee’s CV (required for all except the Behind the Scenes and Media Awards)  



Award recipients will be recognized at the 2014 ENA Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 7-11, 2014. 


Click here to view the list of prior Annual Award recipients. ​