Listserv Communities

ENA’s public listserv communities provide you with e-mail discussion groups to network with emergency nursing professionals about common interests.


ENA Listserv Terms of Agreement

To subscribe to any listserv, you must first agree to rules and conditions of participation.


Available listserv communities include:

·         ED and Patient Safety

·         ED Managers

·         ED Staff Nurses

·         ED Care Technicians

·         ED Technology

·         Emergency Preparedness

·         Emergency Educators

·         Episodic and Urgent Care/Immediate Care Centers

·         Forensics

·         Government Services [ENA members only. Access in Members Only section]

·         Injury Prevention

·         ENA Membership

·         Pediatrics

·         Research

·         Retired Nurses

·         Small Rural/Critical Access Hospitals

·         State Councils

·         Telephone Triage

·         Trauma

·         Travel Nurses

·         Military Services